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Stauning Smoke 47°

71,00 -5%

An Up-and-coming European whisky Distillery, This is the Batch 1-2020 release

Category: Single Malt
Country: Denmark
Brand/Distillery: Stauning Whisky
Age: 3 Years
Bottler series: Batch 1-2020
Bottled: 2020
Amount of Bottles: Barrel type: Charred
1st fill Rum, Bourbon & Madeira
Alcohol: 47,0 % Vol.
Size: 700ml
Good investment: A Batch 1 release but also a nice-Sip!

In stock (can be backordered)


Stauning Smoke tastes like a hot summer’s day on the moor; a mildly smoked single malt whisky made from pure West Jutland malt barley smoked over locally harvested peat and heather. A thoroughbred terroir whisky that gently will blow you away.

Stauning Smoke is the quintessence of the distillery’s innovative New Nordic-whisky philosophy: Made from pure local ingredients, malted on open floors, smoked over peat and heather found in the landscape surrounding Stauning, double-distilled in small flame-heated pot stills and finally aged on 1st Fill wine and spirits casks.

The result is an elegant and refined whisky with a gentle smoky taste and a complex character that oozes of the dunes, the heath and the wind by the North Sea.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 18 × 14 cm

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